Valentine’s Day

Well hello everyone! I hope you all got some fabulous sexy surprises for Valentine’s Day?

I got sweet buggerall! My husband said he thought it was tomorrow…….didn’t see him rushing out to the shop lol!!



Mind you, he dosen’t really believe it. Here is his line that he uses: “I love you everyday darling, so I don’t need to express it on one day”. What can I say to that….. the romantic bugger lol.

Anyway, enough about me…what about you lot? Has there been any proposals from your loved one? Have you ladies taken advantage of the Leap year and popped the question? I would love to hear your story. Of course I would love to be your photographer too, but I would still love to hear your romantic stories? Or do you have someone who doesn’t believe in it……don’t be shy. Here’s a few pictures of us together. Plus our special wedding day. I love him lots and although he isn’t a fan of Valentine’s day….I get spoilt most days. He cooks and cleans girls and yes I get the odd service lol.

Let’s hope the romance continues through the week for you all…..

Love Shirley. Xx

Valentine’s blog. xx

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