Hello Everyone,

I love love weddings. I don’t mind what kind of wedding, be it a civil ceremony, a handfast in the middle of a field, or even better on a beautiful beach in a beautiful destination. I just want to be with you and yours, capturing those special moments with my camera at the ready. I have to say I just love any wedding, a church wedding or a traditional type wedding with the something borrowed and something blue. I am an old romantic at heart, and love sloppy sentiment, and nights by the fire, talking of fire i even love winter weddings some of favourite colours are rustic red based ones. If you planning a winter wedding – give me a call.

I myself got married in a church then had our wedding reception in the local country pub in Hatton. It was a fab day and we have some lovely photographs to look back on and remember….made me realise the importance of capturing that special day. I love nothing better to get our album out and look at who was at the wedding, what we had managed to arrange in the short time i was planning it. The photographs are all we have left now once the day has past to remind us of our beautiful day.

Me – well I have been taking pictures for years and my family have all been the subjects for my passion of photography… much to their disgust sometimes… My husband bought me a DSLR several years ago and thats when he created a monster (see Peter i told you it was your own fault lol). I upgraded from my little D3200 up to a D800 now with various (expensive) lenses. Oh and I have grown my camera collection over the years – yes those who know me well will know i like to shop – i have just traded my cameras for shoes…!! I Just love having the ability to take a picture of people, children, animals, events or landscapes…. i may as well say anything, because even the most bland things can be beautiful (i once photographed a dead mouse in various poses) does that make me a bit weird? Photography excites me – even if i am taking pictures on my mobile, (which is usually constantly stuck to my hand)!!!

I love nothing better than spending time with my family, especially my 8 grandchildren (No i am not as old as that…i started young plus i inherited some along the way). I also love spending time with my friends (i have lots of them), i love belly dancing with my friends and having a good old gab and a laugh (i have a very dirty laugh – i don’t know why but people laugh at my laugh ha ha ha ha ha…..)

I am very bubbly sociable person (a social chameleon as some would say) and you will you usually find me first on the dance floor and the usually the last to be dragged off… I’m saying nothing about wine or bad taste in cheesy music…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lauren Berry says:

    Hi i recently met you at a wedding fayre and was just wondering if you could give me a quick quote for our wedding photography?

    We are getting married 14th September 2019 in Warrington and was wondering what packages you have on?

    If you could get back to us soon that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Lauren & Phil


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